While On the Servers:

ALL players on <TWL> Clan Servers:

-:- Cheating is strictly forbidden! This includes but is not limited to intentional team killing  or wounding(should freindly fire be enabled), using high visibility skins, no recoil, wall hacks, any unauthorized or non-standard mod, exploit or command that gives you an unfair advantage against your challengers. Do not exploit 3rd person with glitches or clipping or use dual key binding to give the player an added advantage of movement. If caught cheating you will be immediately dismissed and banned from the clan, teamspeak forum and server(s).

-:- This is an adult server.... all players are expected to behave like adults. Insults, accusations, harassment, ridicule, taunts, tbagging, repeated voiceing, spamming,  excess profanity, abusive, racially or culturally discriminating, sexually explicit, vulgar, offensive or defamatory language or behavior will not be tolerated.

-:- No clan rivalry.... You may proudly wear your tags but Do NOT incite clan wars, Do NOT insult other clans or boast about your clan.

-:- Do not argue with the admins.. If you have a problem with the admins send your concerns to twl_viper@hotmail.com

-:- Play a friendly game... TWL has been around since MOH began - we are still around and our servers are here to provide a friendly game for friends and family.

SCREEN SHOTS - we take random screen shots. Be prepared to send your screenshots to twl_viper@hotmail.com within 10 minutes of them being taken.

Members of <TWL> Clan:

shall NOT-

-:- Get into petty arguments, name calling, or accuse other players of hacking while in ANY game server or on the <TWL> Clan servers. This not only reflects badly upon you but also reflects badly upon the <TWL> Clan and all <TWL> Clan members.  If you need to address an issue with someone, you will ask him or her to join you in spectator. When addressing bad language or names, it will be done tactfully and in a non-offensive way. If not resolved, these items will be handled by reporting to an admin (Core Member). Be sure to get thier name, tags and IP if possible and give a brief description of the issue. There will be no open complaining about maps, policy, or anything else on ANY open server.

-:- Use excess profanity on any <TWL> Clan server or while on the <TWL> Clan Team Speak servers.

-:- Insult other gamers.

-:- Incite clan wars.

-:- Use any detrimental or unauthorized game modification(s), hacks or cheat codes.

-:- Share <TWL> Clan Team Speak IP information with any gamer other than a clan member.

-:- Misrepresent or impersonate other players, people, or groups.

-:- Harass or threaten other players or otherwise make the game environment unfriendly for others nor behave in an unsportsman like manner.

-:- Transmit or enable transmission of content that is abusive, racially or culturally discriminating, sexually explicit, vulgar, offensive or defamatory.

-:- Discuss nor share information from our private forums with any non-member or in any forum that is not authorized by the <TWL> Clan leaders.

-:- Post in the <TWL> Clan forums or chat room in such a way as to disrupt the flow of discussion and reduce the enjoyment of other players. This
     includes, but is not limited to: flooding, cross-posting, use of ALL CAPS, or any material designed to embarrass, humiliate, or chastise another.


-:- Team Speak  3 is recomended for Members of the <TWL> Clan. At no time will you allow the public access to use the <TWL> Clan Team Speak server. You must have a good sense of humor. Be Mature! The War Legends is not composed of children, and we do not tolerate temper tantrums. You will be held responsible for your actions, and if continued offenses are noted, you will be terminated from the clan, forum and server.


-:- Members of <TWL> Clan must register with the <TWL> Clan Forum. You must check the forum and the <TWL> Clan Website on a regular basis. You must post to the forum should you require a leave of absence.  If you have posted to say you are available for a match and then find you are not, please post to this affect on the matches forum topic ASAP.

   "Code of Honor"