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Another year has passed and another very early dawn parade.Once again more people turned up and the returned soldiers are slowly disappearing but the familys return year after year.The firing of the big gun at the beginning shook the ground and the blast actually moved me as the shockwave hit me.All these years that has never happened so either i am losing weight or the canons they fire are increasing in power.A guy in front of me grabbed his son because he started to move sideways.Once again we sung the aussie and new zealand national anthems.
The weather stayed dry and it was a warm morning.On the stage was a turkish flag as well as the normal,new zealand,australia and english flags.This being the 99th year means next year is the 100th year.I would love to go to turkey for that celebration because it would be huge.The ANZAC cove holds 10,000 people and 2,000 has been allocated to kiwis and all positions were filled by a ballad.
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